Hop in pink

Hop-In-Pink started with a local family owned contractor looking to give back to the community and create a significant impact in someone’s life. It was the first week of October and the simple idea to switch a green frog logo to pink highlighted a cause that resonated – breast cancer. Within 3 days, as God always does, he found a way to bring Carrie Bachmann forward right under the spotlight. 

Mrs. Bachmann is a new 4th grade teacher at North Springfield Elementary School who is currently dealing with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Her family relocated from North Carolina this August upon her husband receiving orders that landed him at the Pentagon. After learning that NSES serves as Mrs. Bachmann’s sole non-family support system and she will be undergoing chemotherapy for the next six months the calling to create a movement was inevitable. Along with Principal Chad McRae, HOPPY2U was able to provide the entire NSES faculty and fourth grade student-body pink HOPE t-shirts as a surprise to Mrs. Bachmann for everyone to wear on Wednesdays before her appointments. We have created this page not only for people already eager to participate, but also to make giving back to someone right in your own community way easier. All proceeds from this website will be used to support Carrie Bachmann and her family.


-Provide every faculty and student at North Springfield Elementary School with HOPE t-shirts

-Substitute all of the Bachmann’s cooking and grocery needs for the next 3-6 months with pre-made, stress free meals 

-Bring joy to Mrs. Bachmann and grow #HOPINPINK beyond any one person, school, or thing. This is a community effort.